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Step 5 - Marketing web site - Online, Offline and Search Engine Submission

Finally, after completion of the web site, the Most Important and confusing, frustrating part - 

  • How do your get visitors to your web site ? 

  • If, this is not enough, how do you actually convert the visitors in customers, in case of business web site?

  • If the prospective customer does not needs my services right now, how do I make sure that he remembers me when he actually needs it?

Now, these are question, which needs a complete book. Every project needs personal attention and wide experience (Read: You need to pay me consultation charges). Anyway, I will give you some direction to move you forward to.

There are two ways to promote and bring traffic and possible business to your web site - offline and online.

Offline, as it signifies, means promoting your business through traditional offline methods like advertisements, press releases, interviews, seminars, newspapers, radio, television, letters etc. You know about all of them, do I need to elaborate? So, we move to the other method:

Online web site promotion and Marketing

Online promotion is very much like offline methods, except they are new and happen online. You promote your web site online usually by:

i.Directory Submission

Yahoo.com , AOL Directory are some example of Search Directories. Directories are independent indexes of web sites in a tabulated, categorisd manner prepared by humans. When you submit web sites to directories, a human being actually visits your web site and adds to their categories. The staff at directory, called guides looks for good quality web sites. Here the demand is higher than the supply, in ratio of some 10,000:1. Everyday, lakhs of people submit their web site to yahoo and other directories and some hundreds get listed. Quality happens to be a subjective term, a good quality for me may be very bad for you. But, generally, the traits highlighted previously in Web designing section are true for most of the people. Just read the submission instructions carefully at every directory, take your own time and then submit. A simple mistake like an inappropriate description in the view of the guide or winds not blowing from the north may be the reason for rejection of your web site. Do Not use automated submission, they are one of the surest way to make mistake in submission. 

Search Engine experts help a lot in this regard and you should consider hiring one (Read: Pay me the consultancy fees)

ii. Search Engine Submission

Google.com , AltaVista.com , Lycos.com , Hotbot.com , euroseek.com are examples of Search Engines. Search Engines are independent web sites which employ a software (called robot) to automatically visit (called crawling), collect information from the web sites submitted by you or by the search engine specialist or webmasters and prepare index of the web sites. The whole process is automated and no human intervenes. Amazing, isn't it, Simple, let's see ?

Search engines use data provided by you in your web pages to know the Title, description and relevancy of your web site. You need to add following tags in the <Head> section of your web site. After you have made your web site, open your web pages in the Browser, there you can see the source code. In Microsoft Internet Explorer use View-> Source to view the codes. There insert tags Title, description and keywords, like following is the example of our web site:

<title>4eIT.com - Domain name registration, Linux web hosting</title>
<meta name="title" content="4eIT.com - Domain name registration, Linux web hosting">
<meta name="description" content="We offer complete web site solutions - Domain name registration, Linux web hosting, web site consultancy, design and development, search engine submission and online marketing">
<meta name="keywords" content="domain name registration, Linux web hosting, web designing, web site development, web site, web pages, home page, search engine submission, domain hosting, indian, asian, rajasthan, kota">

There are other tags also, but to the best of my knowledge, now a days, search engines generally, don't read them. Google is known to even not consider the description and keyword tags.

The problem here is that for every subject there are thousands of web site on the internet, in your country and other countries, across the oceans and continents. When there are so many web sites listed, your web site may appear at the 20,974th place out of 98,247 web sites in the database of search engine. Search engines are highly secretive of their criteria for ranking, and this makes the matters worse for a layman or amateur web site developer. It requires deep study of each and every search engine behavior in the past to assume and predict.

Avoid automated submission, search engines don't like them and make every effort to deny listing to web sites using automated submission.

Again, Search Engine experts help a lot in this regard and you should consider hiring one (Read: Pay me the consultancy fees, you see!)

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