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10 Awesome Ways To Make People Click

  1. Use psychological techniques when designing your banner ads. Asking people not to select the link to your banner ad may actually cause the exact opposite response. You could say for example, "Don't Click Here If You Have All the Money You Need."
  2. Make your banner ad words as attractive as possible. Use words like ultimate, powerful, sizzling,
    hot, etc. Your words should relate and highlight your total offer.
  3. Offer a discount offer on your banner ad. People are always looking for good deals. You could offer a percentage discount, dollar discount, buy one get one free discount, etc.
  4. Include positive statements from customers in your banner ad. These statements are evidence that your offer is legitimate and worth finding more about. Make sure the statement from your customer is sufficient to give people a good understanding of what you are offering.
  5. You could have a famous and respectable person on your banner ad representing your product, web site or service. People will click because they'll trust them over you.
  6. Include a powerful promise on your banner ad. You could add the promise as a heading for your ad. The promise could offer to give the customer two or three times as much as they paid for the product if they are not satisfied.
  7. Be explicit when you instruct people to select your banner ad. Those people that are just learning how to use the Internet may not be familiar with how you select a banner ad. All you need to do is include the phrase "click here" on your ad to enhance the number of click throughs your receive.
  8. You could market your product on a trial basis. This will translate to people that they will not lose anything if they click on your banner ad and sample your product or service.
  9. Affirm the chief gain of your goods, web site or service on your banner ad. It could be gains such as obtain more income, drop pounds, boost vigor, accumulate wealth, etc.
  10. You could offer a product for free on your banner ad. Getting something for free is one thing all people love. You should associate the free offer to the people you want to target. If the free offer is appealing to them they will select your banner.

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