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Step 1 - Domain Name Registration

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Yes,  you know this also. With such a huge hoopla surrounding the very concept, everybody knows about it even before he/she is born. Let me get a bit technical (It is my privilege, so, you will have to bear with this till the end), what is a domain name? Domain name is also called URL - Universal or Unique Resource Locator. It is a unique name, once you have registered it, nobody, yes nobody, not even George Bush can have it. It has to be unique, so that when someone goes to that domain name, he is carried to that web site only and not to some other web site. It carries your ownership details and information regarding the hosting of your web site. In simple terms, it means, anyone with an internet connection, anywhere in the world can use it to know the ownership details (entered by you at the time of application for registration) by public whois. When typed in the browser, it takes the surfer (more sufferer, the way internet runs so slow) to the server where you have uploaded and maintaining your web site. It is available for $ 10 to $ 35 per year for .com, .net, .org, depending upon the service, reliability and features. Where should you get it from, Don't ask me, I have vested interest in 4eIT.com . And, I am making every effort in this universe to convince, that we are the best people to get the domain name registered from ! Contact me before laughing :-)

Now, something again that you already know. Your domain name should ideally reflect your identity or purpose. So, if your business is George Grocery Stores, California and you sell grocery, you would like a grocery.com, and you know this not available (everybody know this, isn't it), so you might like to go for GeorgeGroceries.com or GroceriesCalifornia.com or CaliforniaGroceries.com or BuyGroceries.com or GroceriesOnline.com and so on. That is simple, the problem arises when you can't get through any permutation and combination. 

Now, you have other options, instead of a .com, you can also opt for a .net, or .org. .Net are supposed to be for ISP's and networks and .Org's are supposed to be for Organisations like WHO, however, there are no checks to stop this, so, if you want, you can register them. 

Another, very good option is to go for your country level domain name like .uk (United Kingdom), .ca (Canada), .in (India). They are generally very cumbersome to register and maintain, services are poor, especially with those domains where some government department is managing it and they usually are expensive, although some like .us (United States) are free for their citizens. But, you usually get a very good domain name. 

Another, new option is the seven new Top Level Domain Name extensions recently introduced, of them, .biz, .info and .name are particularly interesting and lucrative. I strongly suggest .biz or .info, there is not problem with them. While they may be bit costly to register, the prices will fall drastically to firm up nearby .com names and renewal will be cheap. There are very few, practically none restrictions on them and registration is as easy as a dot com domain name registration.

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