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Layman's guide to Business Web Site

What is a web site?

To understand easily, Web site can be compared to your Sales office or Branch office. So, what all do you have in your sales office:

  1. Your sales staff to inform visitors about your company
  2. Information, Literatures of your Products 
  3. Offers, special offers
  4. Prices,
  5. Some commonly asked questions,
  6. Facility to accept Orders and Payments
  7. Taking feedback from visitors, probable and existing customers
  8. Forwarding accepted orders, payments, feedback it to your Head office

Your web site does this all and even more! Your web site, as you would have seen in many websites may contain:

  1. Pages with information, visuals about your company, its team, its manufacturing or servicing and logistic capabilities, its strengths, its earlier and present accomplishments, future plans + Information for your vendors, Human resource departments.
  2. You can periodically update with your special offers, current offers and Prices
  3. Some Frequently asked questions regarding your company and its products and services
  4. Facility to accept Orders and Payments online by credit card, online cheques and online bank transactions.
  5. Visitors, probable and existing customers can send feedback to you. Online Bulleting Boards can allow you to monitor exchange of views between the visitors at your web site.
  6. All things accepted in point no 5 and 6 are forwarded to your emailbox.

So, Technically speaking, what is a web site made of ?

Step 1 - Domain Name Registration

Step 2 - Web site Hosting - Prices, Disk Space, Server Speed, Windows NT, Windows 2000 verses UNIX or Linux servers

Step 3 - Web site Designing - Your Target Audience, Content, Overview of Web site, Actual Designing

Step 4 - Uploading web pages - FTP

Step 5 - Marketing web site - Online and Offline and Search Engines, Directory Submission, Search Engine Submission, Links Exchange

Step 6 - Web site maintenance

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